Are you already going to the gym frequently, but you are just not getting the results you are looking for? Are you getting bored by repeating the same exersises day in & day out? Do you feel like you are up for a change or a challenge?

Fitness Xtreme training programmes are perfect for you if you have the motivation to get up and get to the gym, but you just need the extra edge with an effective, results-driven and proven training programme.


Contact us for a Training Programme that you can follow anywhere at any time; at home or at gym.

Our programmes include pictures and direct access to one of our Personal Trainers if you need clarity on anything. At a fraction of the cost you can have your trainer in your pocket.

We offer the following with our Training Programmes

  • A personal trainer at a fraction of the cost
  • Training Programmes that are customised to your needs
  • Detailed pictures of exercises
  • Step for step approach, with easy to follow rest and repetition instructions
  • Email correspondence with your online trainer & monitoring of your progress
  • Variety of exercises to keep your body guessing!